Secure your business with trusted security systems from Yarnell Security, a leader in home and business security! Whether you need to secure your building from intruders, dispatch personnel in the event of fire, provide secure access for employees or track the locations of company vehicles, Yarnell Security provides state-of-the-art security solutions for every need including:


Monitors your building 24/7 and dispatches police to your location when intrusion is detected. Includes multiple door and window sensors, motion detection and mobile phone access for a complete solution.


Detects smoke or excess heat and dispatches emergency personnel automatically. Add multiple sensors throughout your building for maximum protection.

Card Access

Give employees secure access to your building and keep unauthorized personnel out. Easily add new access cards or deactivate cards for former employees.


Add single or multiple camera systems, digital video recorders and more to monitor and protect key systems or your entire building with ease.

Local Central Monitoring

The key to all of our security systems is our central monitoring service, providing 24/7 access to experienced personnel in your local area who can dispatch first responders quickly. Unhappy with your current security monitoring service? We can monitor security systems that were installed by other security companies. Just contact us for more information!

Service Customized for YOUR Needs

At Yarnell Security we understand that every business has different needs. That's why we don't sell one-size fits all security systems. All of our security solutions are tailored to your business needs. We can provide solutions for companies of ANY size and upgrade your system as your needs change.

Contact Yarnell Security today and take advantage of our FREE design and consultation service.

GPS Tracking

Track your delivery or service vehicles to ensure great service for your customers. Receive vehicle alerts when drivers deviate from established routes, exceed the speed limit or are parked at a single location for too long. Our GPS systems are easy to install and provide a wealth of information to save you money, improve service and ensure driver safety. Want to know more? Contact Yarnell Security today!