When keeping your family safe is your top priority, you can count on Yarnell Security for complete, user-friendly security systems for every need and budget. Whether you're looking for complete protection for your home, need a medical alert system for relatives living alone or want to upgrade your current security system to allow full control on the go, Yarnell Security can design a system to meet your needs and protect against any or all of the following:


Monitor your home for intruders whether you are at home or away and dispatches police in the event of a break in.


Smoke detectors and heat sensors are programmed to alert you in case of smoke or fire. The system also contacts the fire department to dispatch emergency personnel.

Carbon Monoxide

Sounds an alarm to alert you and your family if dangerous carbon monoxide levels are detected.

Frozen Pipes

Get an alert when temperatures in your home drop to dangerous levels that can cause pipes to freeze. Adjust the thermostat right from your mobile phone to prevent costly damage to your home.

Flooding & Water Damage

Water alert sensors can be programmed to alert you if your sump pump stops working or if water is detected in your home.

The Latest Technology

Our systems are designed with a user-friendly touch interface that arms your system with a single button press. Plus, we've added state of the art mobile technology to allow you to monitor and activate your system on the go, right from your mobile phone! Take control of your home even when you aren't there with mobile access to:

  • Lights
  • Door Locks
  • Thermostat Controls
  • Cameras
  • and moreā€¦

Contact Yarnell Security today and take advantage of our FREE design and consultation service. We'll evaluate your security needs and recommend a system that's right for you.

Medical Alerts

Perfect for seniors living alone, our LifeSentry personal emergency response system allows you to get the help you need quickly. Featuring 2 way voice pendants that can be carried with you throughout your home, the LifeSentry system allows you to communicate with our central monitoring center to dispatch emergency personnel or contact a family member or friend in the event of an emergency. The LifeSentry system provides wide coverage throughout your home and is simple to install and use.

Want to know more about LifeSentry personal response system? Contact Yarnell Security today for more information and a free estimate!